Who We Are


Who We Are




We do everything from scratch, down to our sprinkles! We use real food made with integrity; we don't use pre-made mixes or artificial flavors and we use all natural ingredients wherever possible.  We are 100% scratch and 100% fresh. We offer seven rotating donuts every week, our catalog is now well over 100 options. In addition to these creative options, you can always count on us to have our staples: glazed, cinnamon sugar and chocolate glazed.  These will never change. 

ABOUT OUR BREAKFAST, Sandwiches & sliders

Everything we do is made fresh to order when you come to our bar. In addition to our biscuits and buns being baked fresh daily, we source meats that are bred, raised, and fed the right way. That's why they taste better! Our beef is antibiotic and hormone free 100% Black Angus. We serve all natural, cage free chicken that is antibiotic and hormone free as well. We also pride ourselves in our partnership with local farmer's markets and Louisiana based vendors to help keep business in LA.    


We love coffee. We think the best coffee comes from a small artisan production, and not a large-scale industrialized approach. That’s why we roast our own beans through our own brand: Cool Kids Coffee Roasters. From our beginning we have made an unwavering commitment to specialty, or small-batch roasted coffee. Through a technique called profile roasting, individual coffee beans are roasted to find their sweet spot. A special profile of time and temperature variables are created and adhered to that offer our interpretation of perfection. This means that we don’t use traditional terms like light, medium, and dark roasts. At District, we think small is not only beautiful, but delicious too. 

Where to find us

With locations across the Greater New Orleans Area, Metairie, and Baton Rouge, we're never too far.  

2209 Magazine Street New Orleans LA 70130

5637 Magazine Street New Orleans LA 70115

527 Harrison Avenue New Orleans LA 70124

1126 S. Clearview Pkwy Suite D Jefferson LA 70123

7415 Corporate Blvd. Suite 900 Baton Rouge LA 70809

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

We love our friends (y'all) and love to see you excited about District. Thank you for the continued support!

Purveyors of Delicious

Purveyors of Delicious



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